Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd

India and the Philippines, today are renowned for their medical education and healthcare professionals. A huge share of credit goes to Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd and its CEO Dr David K Pillai. Transworld Educare is the principal associate of the DMSF medical college in India. The institution has operated for more than 20 years in India providing medical education abroad to Indian students. Transworld Educare provides high-quality education to Indian students and works on generating more doctors to serve and help the community. This is achieved through world-class technologies, experienced faculties and flawless facilities. The panel of faculties is chosen through International standards and fosters heaps of knowledge to every student.

Principal Authorized Associate

Being the authorized associate of the Davao Medical School Foundation, The Philippines, an MOU has been signed between David K Pillai, the CEO of Transworld Educare and the dean of DMSF as their principal associate.

The agreement was signed on 6th June 2012 and since then Transworld Educare has been operating as principal Indian associate in Pune, India.

The facilities available in Transworld Educare:

Being one of the best training facilities for students in India, Transworld employs the best facilities and services to emphasize practical knowledge through technology. Apart from training the students for NEET and FMGE, Transworld Educare also provides the BS pre-med training in one of the best medical campuses of the country.

Top class facilities and highly standardized practices enable Transworld to produce success stories with the students consistently.

The one-year BS course is designed in such a way that a student can prepare for NEET without having to drop a year. The course runs parallels to the coaching curriculums and is divided as per batches. For both NEET qualified and NEET not qualified, there are separate schedules. This BS course lays the foundation to the MBBS degree in the DMSF and includes basic medical subjects. On passing this course, the students will be sent to the Philippines for their MD degree in Davao Medical School Foundation.

One of the main considerations for David Pillai in starting Transworld Educare was to make medical education more approachable especially among the rural communities which are otherwise very hefty in terms of investment in India.

College & classrooms:

With interactive and well-equipped classes, each session, each subject and each topic gets an insightful dissection by our team of professors. Such interactive methods help the students to grasp the concepts easily. Taking the aid of audio & visual equipment, the institution takes in the responsibility of building a complete and all-round personality of the students backed with both confidence and skills.

David Pillai
David Pillai


State-of-the-art laboratories are one of the most striking features of Transworld and DMSF in general. University standard labs of Transworld Educare defines the vision David Pillai planned for the students of India. Cutting-edge, proficient and sophisticated, the anatomy lab and the 3-D simulation labs are some of the additions which cannot be found anywhere else.


A fully digitized library accessible to the students 24*7 from anywhere in the campus, Transworld Educare has over 50000 bibliographic citations, study materials, sample papers and journals from all over the world. Covering both foreign and Indian authors, these collections are encyclopedias to empower students with endless knowledge. Highly engaging during exam hours, we strongly recommend the usage of the libraries for all kinds of exam preparations.

David Pillai
David Pillai

Hostel & Food:

The campus of the Transworld Pune also facilitates hostel accommodations to all the students. Separate hostels for boys and girls can be found with large rooms. The rooms can accommodate a minimum of 6 members with separate shelves and study-tables. The hostel is also fully air-conditioned. Single occupancy rooms are made available on a request basis.

Food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are available individually. Students can also find several restaurants around the college campus. One can find various choices in meals in their cafeteria throughout time.

Accreditation of Davao Medical School Foundation

Having established itself as a frontrunner in the field of Medical Education, Transworld in association with Davao Medical School Foundation has been highly regarded by various prestigious institutions, organisations. and forums to uphold our pristine standards. It is this accreditation that determines the standards of our educational institution and is provided by some of the most recognised third party organizations of the world. It is the tireless effort of David K Pillai that has enabled the institution to be recognised with world fame. Some of these notable accreditation provided to DMSF is:

MCI (Medical Council of India)

The organisation or the authority that has been credited to control all the activities of the Indian Medical Field, Medical Council of India defines and sets the quality of medical colleges in India. Every Indian student must possess certificates from MCI before applying for colleges abroad. Being recognised by MCI, DMSF registers itself as one of the best colleges for MBBS in the world. Superseded by the National Medical Commission, the recognition awards honour and irrefutable responsibilities.

WHO (World Health Organization)

The most prestigious recognition to have been reviewed internationally, Davao Medical School Foundation in association with Transworld under the able guidance of David K Pillai was able to secure recognition from the World Health Organisation 'WHO'.


The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) is an American-based organization that approves quality education for foreign graduates and promotes quality education. Being listed by FAIMER as one of the best colleges in the world, the list of accreditations of Davao Medical School Foundation is never-ending.

How to apply for MBBS admission in Transworld Educare?

Get in touch with the Transworld Educare for admission related queries. The headquarters are based in Pune. For more details visit the official website of Transworld Educare or visit www. Admissions for MBBS/MD in DMSF Pune are open for Indian students who completed their higher secondary education with 50% marks with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Zoology. Students are also required to clear the NEET entrance test to qualify for admission, the coaching of which is provided by Transworld Educare.